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I.T.A has Partnership & Agencies with the best well-known trading & manufacturing and financing companies in the world.

We have many years experience in:-

Food Industry, Slaughter Houses, Rendering and WWT. , Dates plants, Dairy Products, Refrigeration plants, Packing Machines, Water Processes, Aluminum Industry, Firefighting Equipment , fire fighting systems , Medical Equipment , Turn key project, Glass Industry, Interior Design, heavy metal and steel, construction, Chemical and Petrochemicals.

We are a professional alliance of a group of the best companies in the world for various kinds of business processes, technologies, opportunities, industries and international business relations development.

We are a gathering of high technologies from a wide range of the best backgrounds all over the world. Engaging positively with the richness of the diversity is central to what we do.

We have developed our Integrated Scheme to supply the Middle East and Gulf countries with the best and most advanced lines of the latest technologies and manufactures.

We are a well-known worldwide companies all over the world is the best solution for having a complete plant, providing it with the best machineries, financing , marketing and buy back.

We have the capacity to deliver a successful turnkey project, engineering know-how and machinery, starting from the technical feasibility study through the final installing, project start up and to the necessary professional on-site training.

We established projects in many parts of the world including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Africa, Brazil, U.S.A Russia, and Europe.

Why :


Why was I.T.A created ? Why was I.T.A expanded ?

Why are we the best ?

It’s just to open a wide range of applying the latest technologies in the Western World and extending that to the Eastern World with all possible facilities to our customers.

As they are considered strategic positions in business world. to provide complete processing lines of :

Food industry, Slaughter houses , Poultry, Rendering and WWT. , Dairy products , Refrigeration , Water processes , Packing machines , Glass industry, Medical Equipment , Interior Design , Tiles , Aluminum extrusions , Firefighting Detergents , Chlorine, Chemical and Petrochemical .

By us our customers can have supplying machinery , engineering , manufacture , finance and buy-back   from one hand.

Our Group is a friendly professional with international contacts and complex services who is able to accommodate partners’ needs.

Our company respects customer requirements and offers services that meet their needs.

When negotiating, we prefer openness and an ethical approach.

We are a reliable partner for customers, employees and shareholders in any respect.

Our business activity has no other than ethical limits.

We are an international company with representations and business contacts in themajority of countries.

The live and broad  network of our international partners enables us to opens up foreign markets for products

and services of other companies.

The financial stability and continuous growth of  Our Group are guaranteed by the diversity of business activities in various industrial sectors. If there is decline in certainbusiness sector we make success in another. It is a cycle interconnected with mutual synergy.

Thanks to it, we boast to be an ethical, strong and stable partner who is able to open door to our customers and to strengthen their position on the domestic and international markets.

We are a professional and reliable partner for our clients, employees and contractors.

Our business is conducted in view of the sustainable development of the environmental conditions.

We depart at the same time from our long-term experiences, high professional standard and stable hinterland, which are also a source of the client continuous trust in our services and products .

The crucial point of our business success is our ability immediately to respond to marker demands and opportunities. Thanks to our international contacts, comprehensive services and strong financial support we are able always flexibly to decide and move.

Our business performance is typical for its dynamics and orientation at results.

We do provide our customers in each of the areas of our business with a comprehensive range of services.

We do utilize the wholeness and linkage of our offer as a competitive edge.

The synergies resulting from mutual interconnection of experiences, contacts and capital are the source of our effectiveness and further development

What :

What can we do ?

We are experts in supplying the highest technologies of diversity of scales

  • Food Industry.
  • Slaughter houses.
  • ( slaughtering of red and white meat, meat processing, fish processing and fish farming )
  • Poultry Products .
  • Meat, vegetables and fruits.
  • Processing lines,fish, meat.
  • Dairy products. Milk, juice and soft drinks.
  • Dates processing lines.
  • Refrigeration Plants.
  • Ice factories & Ice cream plants.
  • Glass Factories.
  • Chemical and Petrochemical divisions.
  • Detergents.
  • Plastic containers processing lines .
  • Water Industry.
  • Glass jars and bottles.
  • Packaging and Bottling lines.
  • Interior Design , Tiles.
  • Complementary equipment for Turnkey projects.
  • Firefighting Equipment.
  • Tomato paste processing lines

Our process in providing our services to our customers is :

  • Finance.
  • Buy-back contracts.
  • Turn-key Factory.
  • Planning.
  • Engineering.
  • Manufacture.

Where :

Where is our location ?

[email protected]

Mob.+966 567 199577

Mob.+20   127431807

Mob.+49 15228347464

Mob.+49 211626978  

Tel. +966 1 12884471  l +966 1 12792410

Fax. +966  1 4623669

I.T.A International Trade & Agencies

Branches & Partner:

  • Germany, Berlin
  • Germany, Duesseldorf
  • Germany, Ploessborg
  • Italy, Milan
  • Italy, Via Anfossi
  • Italy ,Vaduz,Liechtenstein
  • Spain,Girona
  • Portgual, Lisbon
  • Denmark, Skanderborg.
  • Hungry, Budapest .
  • U.S.A, New York.
  • KSA, Riyadh
  • Egypt, Cairo.

Our Purpose :

Our purpose is to promote the manufacturing and industry in the Middle East & Gulf countries and to provide professional business processes to our customers by means of the most famous and largest companies in Europe, America and Canada, starting from planning, then engineering, applying and marketing.

Our great expansion was when we operated new lines of business with branches all over The Middle East starting from K.S.A. and Gulf countries

To create mutual beneficial business relationships between us and our customers by increasing industry-development in- Middle East and the Gulf especially K.S.A. to be equal to its counterpart in Europe and America.

Our Vision :

To be the customers’ choice in supplying integrated systems, machineries products, services and providing turnkey factories with finance and buy-back contracts .”

I.T.A is the leading global provider of advanced machineries, equipment, systems and services of:-

Food industry, Glass industry, Slaughter houses, Rendering and WWT., Dairy products, Refrigeration, Water processes, Medical Equipment, Detergents, Chlorine , Chemical and Petrochemical, packing machines, Firefighting, Interior Design, Tiles, Aluminum extrusions .

Our brands a number of well-known worldwide companies:

and others. are among the most respected in the industry.Together:

We offer the convenience of a single source to meet our customers’ every need.With offices and subsidiaries in Europe, America and The Middle East,

We work side-by-side with our customers to extend the boundaries of our services’ performance.

We are a multinational company, with global network of the best consultants and engineers worldwide.

We are the only source in the world that provide engineering, machineries, finance and buy-back contracts .

We are suppliers of the latest technologies of firefighting.

We are a single source provider for food processors all over the world.

We are the global leader in integrated systems for the fish and poultry industry segments, and a major provider in the meat industry.

We are the first suppliers of large refrigeration lines.

We are specialized in Dairy industry.

We are specialized in glass plant.

We are with our customers from harvesting raw materials to packaging the final product, from standardized stand-alone units to all-inclusive integrated turnkey systems with finance first and buy-back contracts.

I.T.A thrives on ingenuity.

Our cutting edge machineries equipment and software components help to make plants of all sizes and various lines, in all markets to operate at peak productivity.

Our distinct strategy positively and directly enhances the overall quality and value of the best lines of industry and manufacture.

At the end our products are designed to meet our customers every demand

Our customers’ satisfaction is our success.

 [email protected]

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