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Based on our long-time experience in the international business of project finance and due to our excellent connections to leading and powerful financing partners in Europe , USA and to local banks allow to offer very attractive forms of financing for our clients.

  • The crucial point of our business success is our ability immediately to respond to marker
  • demands and opportunities. Thanks to our international contacts, comprehensive services

and strong financial support we are able always flexibly to decide and move.

Our business performance is typical for its dynamics and orientation at results

We can provide our customers with extremely attractive models of financing.

The Advantages at a Glance

  • Short financing terms. Normally 2 years are viable.
  • Long financing terms.  Normally 5 years are viable.
  • Advantageous interest rate. following the 6 month  rate.
  • Low down payment.  at a rate of  30% of the order value.
  • Late start of repayment of the credit, Normally repayment starts only 6 months or 1 year after commissioning of the unit and is made in six months or one year installments, at a time when production and sale have already started .

Financing Pattern 1

  • 30% of the price of the project as advanced payment.
  • 70% of the price in five years by bank letter guarantee from the buyer bank  to a well-known bank  from our part.

Financing Pattern 2

  • We can finance up to 70% of the total amount of the project without any bank guarantee.
  • According to the balance sheet of the buyer for the last 2 previous years.

Our Special Advantages

  • We finance different projects and lease different machines.
  • We offer the buyer all the possible facilities in payment.
  • We offer full service in financing of projects.
  • We offer turn-key projects with financing.
  • We offer repurchase agreement of the manufactured products with L|C.

We are the only source in the world that provide :-

Financing , Engineering, Machineries and Buy-Back Contracts.

Structured Trade & Export Finance

Export Credit Agency Finance – Basics

Export Credit Agencies (“ECA”s) are government departments or entities (such as EKN of Sweden, Hermes of Germany or Coface of France), which provide credit protection to lenders, in order to promote exports and Exporters from their countries.

Advantages of ECA Finance

  • Long-term financing at attractive all-in costs
  • Grace period until the end of delivery/construction period or commissioning
  • Fixed or floating interest rate option in most cases
  • Available in all major convertible currencies
  • Premium charged by ECA mostly be financed
  • ECA generally provides a guarantee up to a certain percentage of the eligible contract value (e.g 95% for Hermes)
  • Loan agreement to be discussed between Local bank and customer
  • Refinancing Loan Agreement to be discussed between Local Bank and Deutsche Bank.

How does ECA finance work ?

Importers benefit from highly advantageous terms for their capital expenditure plans as ECAs would support financing of a maximum of 85% of the value of equipment and services imported by counterparty from the ECA’s country.

Key Elements

  • Eligible for cross-border supply of capital goods and related services
  • Financing for a maximum of 80% of exported supply contract value.
  • A certain portion of local costs might also be eligible for financing if provided by exporter.
  • Repayments in general start six months after a specific “starting point” (e.g mean delivery of commissioning date as per the contract)
  • Repayment in equal semi-annual installments
  • Maximum repayment tenor determined by ECA in line with buyer country, type of equipment supplied, amount of supply contract
  • Disbursements tailored to the contract payment terms

Main Considerations

  • It is important to approach ECAs before signing the commercial contract in order to create an incentive for them to support the transaction
  • Cooperation between the Importer/Borrower, Exporter and ECA-arranging bank is necessary for a smooth financing
  • ECAs generally need to perform environmental due diligence

Basic Information Requirements

Mandatory Information for initial due diligence

  • Audited financial statements (last three years) + interim figures
  • IFRS or US GAAP standard
  • Credit history
  • Project description
  • Information on suppliers/sourcing
  • Overview of existing debt (including currency and security structure)
  • Breakdown of currency structure of revenues
  • Environmental aspects

Information that may be required in addition

  • Cash flow projections/internal due diligence showing the impact of the project
  • Information on situation of respective industry in the buyer’s country

The more comprehensive the information provided is –

The smoother the approval process with the ECA will be

Financial services
Procurement of finance for individual projects and deliveries ( credits, leasing ).

We are an international company with representations and business contacts in the majority of countries.

The live and broad network of our international partners opens up foreign markets also for the products
and services of their clients.

The business activities of the holding have only ethical limits.
Thanks to international contacts, complex services and strong financial background, our  Group can flexibly decide and immediately respond to emerging business opportunities while retaining the dynamics
and performance-orientation.

The financial stability and continuous growth of  Our Group are guaranteed by the diversity of business activities in various industrial sectors.

If there is decline in certain business sector we make success in another.

It is a cycle interconnected with mutual synergy.

Thanks to it, we boast to be an ethical, strong and stable partner who is able to open door to

Our customers and to strengthen their position on the domestic and international markets.

We do provide our customers in each of the areas of our business with a comprehensive range of services.

We do utilize the wholeness and linkage of our offer as a competitive edge.

The synergies resulting from mutual interconnection of experiences, contacts and capital

are the source of our effectiveness and further development

Our Group is a friendly professional with international contacts and complex services
who is able to accommodate partners’ needs.

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